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Let Good Times Roll

Dine & Discover vouchers are now accepted at Fugetsu.

The NSW Government has launched their Dine & Discover NSW to support local dining, arts, and tourism businesses to encourage the community to get out and about.

At Fugetsu, we are excited to inform our customers that we have signed up for this government initiative. Our restaurant is registered to accept the Dine & Discover Vouchers.

In order to access this, our customers must be NSW residents aged 18 and over to be eligible to use the $25 voucher. The voucher can be used for eating food at Fugetsu from Monday to Sunday, except for public holidays which are excluded.

How do I claim the voucher when I am at Fugetsu?

Register with Service NSW via the Service NSW Dine and Discover web page or app. Here’s the link to get your start.

What are the terms and conditions at Fugetsu?

  • Alcohol is not to be purchased with the voucher. Fugetsu is a licensed restaurant, if you purchase alcohol, the amount will be paid separately to allow you to use the voucher.

  • Split food bill is not accepted at Fugetsu, therefore one bill will be paid per table.

  • One voucher is accepted per table only.

  • The vouchers are not accepted on public holidays.

  • The voucher is not to be used in conjunction with any offer.

  • The eligible voucher holder has up to $25 to use at one time, per day, and per table. If the holder spends less than $25 on the total bill, cash change will not be given to the holder. The voucher holder doesn’t receive the leftover amount, nor does Fugetsu.

  • For example, if the voucher holder spends $20, only $20 can be redeemed against the voucher. The remaining $5 is forfeited by both your business and the customer.

For more information, visit the NSW Service website.


Please telephone the restaurant for all reservation queries, as we only take bookings in person or by phone on 02 9211 6128.


Fugetsu is located on level 3 at 1909 Dining Precinct in Market City with a 3 level car park. They have casual parking, early birds, student and night parking rates, click here for details.

Take advantage of Market City's parking deals and their Dine and Park for a Free offer, click here for details.


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