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Sydney Eat Street: Celebrate unique Australian food flavours

Whether it’s a classic sausage sizzle or uniquely Australian treats, ‘Straya’s’ favourite foods and flavours take centre stage throughout January.

Fugetsu co-owner and chef Robert Shin’s celebration of Australia is inspired by a traditional Japanese afternoon snack he used to devour as a kid himself. “We wanted to create a dish that celebrates our two cultures using two comfort foods,” he says.

“As a child, I used to eat gyoza after school. I believe vegemite on toast is similar for Australians.”

The sushi train and Japanese eatery in Market City’s 1909 Dining Precinct is featuring the ‘Aussie Gyoza’ this month.

The Japanese dumplings are fried or steamed half-moon dumplings stuffed with various fillings and served with a soy-based dipping sauce. There are three different filling options: pork, prawns, or vegetarian.

Robert has taken traditional Japanese gyoza, pairing them with a uniquely Aussie flavour, creating a Vegemite-based dipping sauce. Australian/Japanese fusion balances Vegemite with conventional Japanese soy and miso-based dipping sauce. “A great dipping sauce can make, or break a dish, or just take it to a whole new level. Vegemite is a flavour that brings an instant umami taste,” he says.

Fugetsu accepts Dine & Discover voucers.


Please telephone the restaurant for all reservation queries, as we only take bookings in person or by phone on 02 9211 6128.


Fugetsu is located on level 3 at 1909 Dining Precinct in Market City with a 3 level car park. They have casual parking, early birds, student and night parking rates, click here for details.

Take advantage of Market City's parking deals and their Dine and Park for a Free offer, click here for details.

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