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Toast Lunar New Year 2021!

Fugetsu celebrates Lunar New Year with a Fugetsu feast.

No celebration would be complete without food, and Lunar New Year is all about pairing foods with good wishes of longevity and prosperity. We have curated eight Wagyu dishes to celebrate the Year of the Ox. Why eight dishes? In Asian culture, the number eight has significance as a lucky number.

At Fugetsu we hand-select the very best ingredients for our customers every season, so we can serve up the very best for them, sourcing quality Australian wagyu up to M9+. The Japanese style of eating emphasizes a dish's natural flavour such as raw Wagyu in Carpaccio, Tadki, and Nigiri. To further enhance the flavour of wagyu, you’ll find traditional marinade ingredients such as soy sauce and rice vinegar used. The wagyu is served in salads or udon and BBQ in skewers or blow torched in front of you at our sushi bar.

Our Chef Robert says, “To make delicious Japanese food, you have to work with the very best ingredients. In Australia, we are fortunate to have the very best, and we can offer farm-to-table which is the heart of our restaurant philosophy. Our beef is sourced from the best Wagyu farmers around Australia.”

Did you know?

There’s a belief during the Lunar New year festival the more dumplings you eat, the more money you will get? Dumplings are a symbol of wealth and Fugetsu’s Gyoza is delicious bite-sized gifts ready to celebrate. This is the reason the shape of the dumplings resembles the shape of ingots, a form of currency made of gold and silver that was once used. Noodles are not only a staple food, during Lunar New Year, but they are also eaten to symbolise a long life.

This year, Fugetsu will search for the ‘Ultimate Noodle Lift’ to celebrate the new year. How high can you lift your noodles?


Please telephone the restaurant for all reservation queries, as we only take bookings in person or by phone on 02 9211 6128.


Fugetsu is located on level 3 at 1909 Dining Precinct in Market City with a 3 level car park. They have casual parking, early birds, student and night parking rates, click here for details.

Take advantage of Market City's parking deals and their Dine and Park for a Free offer, click here for details.

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